About Us

CigarScore Lounge Event at Big D in Midlothian Texas

CigarScore Lounge Event at Big D in Midlothian, Texas in 2023

Ellory enjoying the Oliva Serie V Double Toro

Hi, I'm Ellory, and my wife, Ashley, and I own the CigarScore Lounge!

Together, we are in the process of opening a cigar lounge in Midlothian, Texas. While we work to design the perfect place, work with the city government, and get everything ready, we brought our e-commerce store online to start serving the cigar community.

About Ellory

Ellory has been smoking cigars for twenty-or-so years. If you see him around town, he's either smoking a cigar or wishing he were.

In 2018, Ellory started CigarScore.com – the largest cigar lounge directory in the world, and “The Best Place to Find & Rate Where to Smoke Cigars.”

At the beginning of 2022, Ellory and Ashley decided to fast-track their goals of opening a cigar lounge. They combined the CigarScore brand with their vision for an amazing place to hang out and enjoy a great cigar, and the CigarScore Lounge was born!

About Ashley

You might not see Ashley smoking cigars on Instagram or posting about blends on Facebook, but her ideas drive the business forward. If a card or coaster or sticker looks good, you know Ashley has had a hand in it.

And, while you might not find Ashley with a cigar in her hand, you'll definitely find her at the lounge, enjoying a stiff drink and a good conversation.