Afidano L8 2200 Count Cigar Humidor


DIMENSIONS: 23.4″ W x 27.9″ D x 71.2″H
CAPACITY: 2200 Cigars
FINISH: Leather
MATERIAL: Wood & Leather
STYLE: Cabinet
WEIGHT: 222.7 lbs
OP VOL: 43 dB


  • 9 Spanish Cedar Drawers
  • Water Level Alarm
  • Smart Phone App Control
  • Fingerprint Security Lock

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The Afidano L8 2200 Count Cigar Humidor is made of classic leather and Spanish Cedar and equipped with an original HPR (Humidity and Preservation Regulation) temperature and humidity constant system to give your cigar a relaxed and comfortable space for fermentation. You can also control your Afidano humidor from their iPhone/Android app. And, if that wasn't enough, the L8 is also equipped with a fingerprint lock to protect your cigars.

Leather Elegance & Spanish Cedar Aroma

The Afidano L8 can hold 2200 cigars. Wrapped in genuine leather, the Afidano 2200 Ct cigar humidor exudes luxury and style. The Spanish cedar drawers not only add a touch of tradition but also infuse a pleasant aroma that enhances the flavor of the cigar. You can collect as many cigars as you want and can always find the right cigar for any occasion. It is also equipped with LED interior light making it easy to find what you're looking for.

Temperature & Humidity Precision Control

The HPR system has 6 components that ensure the accuracy and reliability of temperature and humidity, maintaining the perfect climate for your cigars. Temperature range: 62-74°F; Humidity Range: 60-75%. You can have peace of mind knowing your cigars are being kept in optimal conditions.

User-Friendly Water Refill Design

Instead of bending over or getting on the ground, easily refill your Afidano L8 2200 Count Cigar Humidor at the top of the humidor. Afidano 2200 Ct cigar humidor prompts you at the right time to replenish the water, guaranteeing a stable humidity level internal environment. The humidor will also make a chime sound when you refill too much water, ensuring you can easily keep the humidor in optimal working condition.

State of the Art Fingerprint Lock Technology

The Afidano L8 2200 Count Cigar Humidor features cutting-edge security to keep people away from your cigars. The Afidano humidor comes with a fingerprint lock, adding an extra layer of security. Get quick and easy access to your cigars at the touch of your fingertips and say goodbye to keys or codes for a modern, secure, and personalized approach to cigar storage. Experience the perfect combination of advanced technology and timeless craftsmanship in every detail of Afidano humidors. Your collection deserves the utmost protection.

Shipping time & delivery time

Afidano Humidors are shipped directly from the manufacturer and usually ship 3-5 days after your order is placed. Humidors are shipped via Maersk, and the average transit time is about 7 – 10 business days. Tracking information will be added to your order if/when we receive it.

Weight223 lbs


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