Adventure Club Cigar Subscription

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$49.99 now, and $49.99 on the 15th of each month

  • We Select 9 Cigars, You Choose the 5 You Want
  • Choose Your Cigars the last week of the Month
  • 5 Premium Cigars Ship on the 10th of the Month
  • Subscriptions Renew on the 15th of the Month
  • Subscriber-Only Offers & Promotions
  • Exclusive Discounts
  • Shipping Included
  • Cancel Any Time

First payment: December 15, 2023

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Choose 5 premium cigars off our curated list each month!

Instead of offering just another cigar of the month club, we wanted to change things up a bit. Instead of sending you random cigars you might not like or want, we're putting you in the driver's seat, tossing you the keys, and letting you decide which cigars you get.

Every month, we'll choose a selection of 9 premium cigars. Starting on the 23rd of the month, you'll get to choose which 5 (out of the 9) you want us to send you at the beginning of the following month.*

The Cigar Adventure Club – Curated by us; Chosen by you.

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*After you subscribe, you'll receive an email with instructions about how to choose your cigars. You'll be able to choose your cigars the last week of each month, and you'll receive them in the middle of the next month.

7 reviews for Adventure Club Cigar Subscription

  1. ellorywells (verified owner)

    One of the best reasons to join a cigar subscription club is to have the opportunity to try new things as well as some cigars you might not be able to find at your local brick and mortar shop. Cigar clubs, subscription boxes, cigar of the month clubs, whatever you want to call them, are great ways to get new cigars you might not try otherwise.

    And today, I’m unboxing the May 2022 Choose Your Own Adventure cigar subscription box from the CigarScore Lounge. Let’s take a look inside and see what I got!

    Cigar Values:
    Oliva Master Blends 3 Torpedo – $15.30
    Rocky Patel Sun Grown Maduro Toro – $10.95
    Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Sobremesa Brulee Robusto – $12.45
    Diamond Crown No. 4 Robusto – $13.75
    Montecristo 1935 Anniversary Demi – $10.40

    Approx. Total Value: $62.85 USD
    Average Cigar Price: $12.57 USD

  2. Bruce (verified owner)

    Just received my third Adventure Club box. It arrived with the 5 choices I ordered. 4 were new to me. The fifth I ordered because I ran out and I wanted it as a treat. Every cigar I’ve gotten has been great! The choices allow me to try new bands I may have heard of, but not ordered yet from Cigar Score Lounge. My list of what to order next keeps getting longer after each Adventure Club box I receive Right now I’m smoking the Kentucky Fire Cured. Great stick! Fine start and the flavors are expanding as I go.

  3. Todd Fry

    The Adventure Club is the best $45 I spend every month on cigars…..Period! Not only do you always have a fantastic selection of premium cigars to choose from, it’s always a bargain over buying them individually. And, to make it even MORE incredible, Ellory hand delivers them to me so I never have to worry about them getting damaged or dry in the mail! If you’re an avid cigar smoker, I’d highly recommend this subscription!

  4. Kevin (verified owner)

    I’ve belonged to cigar clubs before but this one is different. Specifically the cigars are premium, good quality and fresh. Ellory works hard to get to know his customers so he can provide a product and service that has real value. Every month includes cigars I’ve tasted and some that I haven’t. This is a great encouragement to broaden my horizons and try something new. Above all else, I enjoy the unique experience of choosing which cigars that I WANT! Other clubs generally just send you what they want you to have. Ellory’s concept of allowing me to pick MY STICKS takes the surprise out of the shipment but not
    the excitement!

    I thoroughly enjoy my monthly adventure and I’m excited for my next shipment!

  5. Michael Purcell (verified owner)

    I just received my first shipment of the Adventure Club! I couldn’t be more pleased. My order was correct and all the sticks arrived in great condition. They are placed in a Ziploc bag to include a Boveda pack, surrounded with plenty of cushioning. I even received a personalized hand written note welcoming me to the club. You can tell there was care and attention given to each box. At Cigar Score Lounge you are treat as a customer with a name and not just another number. If that’s not enough, the whole concept of the Adventure Club is unlike any other club I’ve seen. There are two phases of excitement. The first is when Ellory releases the 9 cigars to choose from. I like the surprise of seeing what he’s offering, but also the unique aspect of selecting the 5 you want. From what I could tell any selection would result in a greater value than what you pay monthly.The second phase of excitement is obviously receiving that selection a couple of weeks later. If you’re looking for a fun way to try new cigars and you appreciate the personal touch of a small business, look no further.

  6. James Vredenburg (verified owner)

    I just joined 2 months ago and have let Ellory choose my 5 cigars. He has done a fantastic job
    Thank Cigarscore for all you do

  7. Joe Loza (verified owner)

    You Aced the Cigar Adventure Club this month. Great selection was right on. I loved them all, mostly the Trinidad Espiritu #2. Looking forward to your next month picks.

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